What is Jai Lao?

The word “jai” comes from the Lao language meaning “heart”
so Jai Lao is literally defined as a Lao Heart.

In the Lao culture, a person with a Lao Heart is kind, compassionate, hospitable, generous, and giving.  Lao people are warmly known to open their homes and hearts to help families, friends, and even strangers in need.   We all know you don’t need to be a Lao person to have a Jai Lao, because every group or culture displays these helpful and service oriented characteristics.  Jai Lao is in essence the human nature’s altruistic desire to love and help others who are in need.  But do we always act out our innate desire to help others?

People often times fall for the “bystander effect” phenomenon where they think “why help someone in need when someone else will do it?”  In reality, that person next to you is thinking the same thing as you.  So in the end, no one helps that person in need.  Human beings have an innate desire to help, but the effects of thinking everyone else will do it or not trusting people slows down or stops that natural tendency.  Why think or act like everyone else and just standby doing nothing as in the “bystander effect?”  Why not be the one who stands up to make a difference, a difference that can help a life…