How to Help

Jai Lao is most appreciative for our supportive and generous donors everywhere who believe in and trust Jai Lao’s mission and vision.

100% of your donations directly benefit Jai Lao’s educational programs, schools and village projects.  How is that even possible when there are overhead administrative expenses in running an organization you ask?  Jai Lao is able to accomplish this goal thanks to the annual private charitable contributions gifted to help cover administrative costs, and fundraising expenses incurred for the benefit of Jai Lao.  Our largest contribution to our Foundation continues to come from our efforts in fundraising at Lao New Year festivals in April and our annual Jai Lao Charity Dinner and Auction privately held annually in the summer.

All Jai Lao projects and programs are funded by caring and giving hearts like you that just couldn’t “standby” to watch a person in need and not be moved to help.  Generous donations such as yours, no matter how small the contribution may seem to you, does make a significant difference in helping the lives of others.