How to Help

Eat for a Good Cause

Lao New Year across the world is celebrated all through the month of April.  The Lao community everywhere gathers at Lao Buddhist temples to celebrate this joyous occasion where people spend the day eating and enjoying friends and family’s company.  Jai Lao loves to share in these annual culturally stimulating and engaging events in different cities throughout America.  No matter what city Lao New Year Celebrations are held, one thing remains the same… the Spirit of the Lao people is warm, kind, giving, generous, and fun wherever they may be.

Jai Lao will have a Tummakhoung Fundraising Booth in TBD in April of 2016.  We hope to see you there where you can come visit our booth and eat good tummakhoung for a good cause.

Cities where Jai Lao have visited to fundraise and spread message about our cause:

Catlett, VA
Alexandria, VA
Saginaw, TX
San Francisco, CA
Fresno, CA
Sacramento, CA
Suwanee, GA
Seattle, WA
Toronto, Canada

Jai Lao would love to visit your city in the near future. If you would like the opportunity to help Jai Lao host a fundraiser in your local area, please email us at to get involved.