Projects & Programs

Completed Schools

  1. Baan Paktapanh Village in Salavanh Province:  A Lowland Lao village that inspired the founding of Jai Lao.  An elementary and middle school already exists so they requested Jai Lao help them build an oversized preschool complete with a bathroom for children ages 1-5.  This school is helpful to the parents who farm for a living and for the older siblings to be able to attend school instead of taking care of the younger preschool aged siblings.
  2. Baan Na Don Keo Village in Salavanh Province: A Lowland Lao village Ban Na Don Keo was hit by Typhoon Ketsana in September 2009.  In November 2009, Jai Lao embarked on our very first humanitarian mission and brought the 137 families of Baan Na Don Keo and two neighboring villages basic household goods, ingredients, livestock, and clothes to replace a fraction of what they lost during the flood.  A three-room elementary school was started in July 2010 and completed in November 2010 for this village.  137 Abundant Water clean water filter system units have been donated to this village to provide clean drinking water without having to boil first as promised to the villager elders during our first visit to them.
  3. Baan Hat Kham in Luang Prabang:  Baan Hat Kham is situated two and a half hours north of Luang Prabang then an hour and 45 minutes by boat further north up the river Nam Ou. The village has no paved roads, no electricity, and no latrines and is home to 53 Highland Lao Khmu families with a population of 307 residents.  In partnership with Steve Rutledge, founder of Adopt a Village in Laos (AAVIL), a Canada-based non-profit organization, acting as our project manager, Jai Lao funded the building of a two-room primary school for 49 students kindergarten to third grade which was completed in November 2011.
  4. Baan Pou Nong Kuay in Luang Prabang: Baan Pou Nong Kuay is a mountainous village home to 44 Highland Lao families (16 Khmu 38 Hmong) with a total population of 278 people including  70 children ages 1-7.  Contract was signed in June 2011 and construction of this two room elementary school began immediately after and despite the heavy rain, the school was completed and dedicated in November 2011.  Jai Lao has plans to donate, deliver and install all 41 families with Abundant Water clean water filter units.
  5. Baan Pa Toop in Luang Prabang: Baan Pa Toop (Shack Wall Village) is a rural mountain village located in Meuang Ngoi District, Luang Prabang Province. Baan Pa Toop is Jai Lao’s newest and largest completed school project with six rooms and fully furnished. The wonderful design was donated by a talented architect in Vientiane. Baan Pa Toop is four hours from the city of Luang Prabang tucked away deep in the mountains and is home to 65 Khmu ethnic Lao families with a total of 377 household members and a total of 130 students from preschool to 5th grade.

If you’re interested in helping Jai Lao with a contribution to make school renovation or school building projects possible, please contact us at or go directly to PayPal to make a donation and indicate how you’d like your donation to be used.