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Higher Education Assistance in Laos (HEAL)

Education is the way and means to eradicate and get out of poverty. But if one has no money to obtain higher education, then there isn’t hope to alleviate one’s economic hardships in Laos. Many students are forced to quit school due to lack of funding from their families. The educated and wealthy continue to receive proper schooling in a developing and competitive market while the less fortunate sinks lower in despair. For this reason, Jai Lao endeavors to give hope and opportunities for students who aren’t able to further their education due to financial setbacks. Jai Lao’s Higher Education Assistance in Laos Program is for anyone with a need and a desire to better their lives through education.

If you’re a student in the Laos PDR and need money to go to college, this program is in the works and will soon be available to students living in Laos.