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School Renovations

Baan Peug in Vientiane Province:   Four years ago Jai Lao won $20,000 from the Chase Community Giving Contest on Facebook with the votes from our FB fans. With that winning, we paid it forward and asked our fans to submit villages in Laos that needs schools for Jai Lao to build in. The winning village was Banh Hat Kham in Luang Prabang, and the winners of that village got to go celebrate the opening of their school in November 2011. Jai Lao promised the other villages submitted that we’d build schools for them too.  We went to visit Banh Peug in Vientiane province and found that the village of 191 families already has a 5 room elementary school (grades 1-3 and 65 students) and that it just needed updating to make it safer to attend school.

  1. The concrete patio of the school is very low and gets heavily flooded when it rains so Jai Lao laid a new raised concrete patio above the existing one.
  2. There’s no fencing to establish school boundaries for safety so Jai Lao built fencing around the entire campus with a gate.
  3. The roof was old and dilapidated so Jai Lao replaced most of the roof giving so the rain wouldn’t leak into the classrooms.
  4. Jai Lao also gave the dreary school a new fresh coat of paint.