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Upcoming Schools to Build

  • Baan La Ha Nam in Savannakhet:  Baan La Ha Nam is in the southern province of Savanakhet, Laos. This thriving village is home to almost 300 families. There is an elementary school, middle school and high school that exists in this big village, and only a 2-room is needed to complete the village’s educational needs. A private donor whose father was originally from this village has generously donated a huge portion of funds necessary for the construction of the preschool to be built in honor and memory of his late father. Jai Lao expects to break ground early 2016, and this will be our sixth school construction.
  • Baan Tong Kham in Salavanh: Baan Tong Kham is a nearby village to Banh Na Don Keo where Jai Lao built our second school in November 2010. It has 88 families with 104 students ages 6-14 attending grades 1-5 in a dilapidated one large room structure. There are 20 first graders. Grades 2-3 of 50 students meet together. 44 grades 4-5 are taught together by the third teacher in the school. The saddest condition to see isn’t just the condition of the school or dirt floor, but the fact that there are no wall divisions of the classrooms. How conducive can learning be when all three teachers are teaching at the same time and 104 students are trying to pay attention? And that when it rains, school is cancelled! There is a huge NEED to build these deserving students a proper learning environment that will stimulate their minds and hearts.
  • Baan Don Kham in Salavanh Province: Baan Dom Kham is a little village in Salavanh of just 46 families. There are 32 students attending grades 1-3 in a little one room school. When Jai Lao visited the school on Tuesday it was closed, because the only teacher the school has was attending a meeting in town. The government has announced that the minimum education level for the country should be at a 6 grade level. But without a proper school or teachers how can this new declaration be made possible? It’ll take a while before the ministry of education reaches all the rural villages. There’s a great quote that says that we can’t rely solely on the government to provide help. It’s up to private businesses and charitable organizations to help others. Jai Lao endeavors to do just that to help those whom get lost in the shuffle of the system.