About Us

Jai Lao hopes to alleviate hardships due to poverty and lack of opportunities by working in cooperation with the villagers to help them achieve sustainability, accountability and pride of ownership of their schools.

Jai Lao Foundation (Jai Lao) is a volunteer based nonprofit charity organization founded and incorporated in April of 2009. Jai Lao is headquartered in the Bay Area of California, USA and is recognized as a State and Federal tax exempt 501 (c)(3) private operating charitable organization, tax ID number of 26-4734613.  Your contributions to Jai Lao are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Our Mission

Jai Lao was founded on a passionate belief and mission to serve and help people, particularly the children of Laos, with their basic human needs and rights in life.  Jai Lao believes everyone deserves a future with hope and opportunities, and that education is essential to fulfilling this dream.  Jai Lao endeavors in assisting the educational and fundamental needs of the people of Laos living in regions off the beaten path where adequate aid is often difficult to obtain.

Why We Help

Why wouldn’t we?  When one has seen and felt poverty, despair, and hopelessness, one cannot simply standby and do nothing to help those going through life’s hardships.  Our intentions are purely motivated and driven by our passion and dedication to serve and help others who aren’t afforded the same opportunities in life.

What We Do

Jai Lao builds schools in Laos to give the village children a chance to learn and grow which will help prepare them for a better future.  Jai Lao believes in the power of education as a mean of eradicating poverty and a way of having a more optimistic future. Hence, Jai Lao also has awarded scholarship grants to Lao American college students of refugee descent across the United States.  Jai Lao believes all people should have access and rights to clean drinking water; therefore, Jai Lao provides personal hygiene kits, school supplies, warm blanket and clothing to people living in remote villages of Laos. In addition, Jai Lao donates clean water purification units to villages in dire need.  

Completed Work

  • Built a preschool for Baan Paktapanh in Salavanh province, completed in November 2010
  • Built a three-room elementary school in Baan Na Don Keo in Salavanh province, completed in November 2010
  • Built a two-room elementary school in Baan Hat Kham in Luang Prabang province, completed November 2011
  • Built a two-room preschool in Baan Pou Nong Khouay in Luang Prabang province, completed November 2012
  • Renovated a four-room elementary school in Baan Peuk in Vientiane province, completed November 2014
  • Built a six-room elemtary school in Baan Pa Toop in Luang Prabang province, completed August 2015
  • Awarded $25,000 in scholarship to Lao-American undergraduate students of Lao refugee descent
  • Donated 135 clean water filter units to Baan Na Don Keo.  Also donated livestock, food, clothes, school supplies, personal hygiene kits
  • Donate personal hygiene and dental kits to Baan Nong Kiaw area to 175 students
  • Donated sports equipment to schools in Baan Paktapanh, Baan Na Don Keo, and Baan Phi Nong Khouay
  • Provided ceiling fans, educational materials, computers to Baan Paktapanh
  • Donated warm blankets, clothes, eyewear, dental/personal hygiene kits for Baan Paktapanh, Baan Phou Nong Khouay, and Baan Hat Kham
  • Cooked for and fed children of the Blind Center and Khmu Lodge Village

Upcoming Work

  • Build two-room preschool in Baan Lahanam in Savanakhet province
  • Provide financial aid to college students in Laos

Contact Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit Jai Lao.  Hopefully, our projects and programs we actively engage in will give you a greater sense of our work.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly, and we’ll try to answer anything that is on your mind and in your heart regarding our work.

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